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Post by W o k e on Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:12 pm

First name: Abigale
(Yes, I am female but I avoid mic at all costs because I sound like a young male, and when I do I just play it off as a meme, it's really annoying honestly.

In-Game name: ☆ω ⓛ Ḱ ᕮ☆

Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:120621497

Playtime on server: I don't find anywhere saying my time, but I would predict over 5 hours at least. Even though, I would say honestly say it's more like 9 hours, that's just me playing safe.

Any bans/kicks on the server: Nope.

Would and staff recommend you: Maybe Loudest

If the above answer is yes then what staff member?: Because Loudest is pretty cool and we seem to be chill, and I'm pretty sure he knows I'm not a mass rdmer, so maybe he would recommend me.

Any staff experiences with other servers: Yes, two sorta three (one was a beta server which later became Mayday rp, which before the server went down for a little while averaged around 20 people)

If the above answer is yes then what ranks?:
Admin, Co-owner, Superadmin
Why would you like to become staff within this server:
Because I enjoy this server very much, and the owner is a very cool guy that is not stuck up, as he will take suggestions to help his server grow, which saddly many will not. But, it is too note I see so much rdm and corruption that I feel I could stop.
How often will you be active within the server:
Over the weekends, most likely a lot. And from 5-10 on weekdays
Any other comments:
No not really, if I had comments I wished to say I said them above. Well, I guess I could say thank you for the chance.

W o k e

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Re: Staff App

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:32 am

Well since this is the most sturdy application that has been posted so far. Also since i am in need of someone to fill a higher position than a moderator so that they could be watch over. Also there isn't much that could be done by a moderator to stop corruption. I will promote you to the rank of Admin as of right now. there is always room to improve but as i do need someone to fill that rank i will place you as an admin.



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