Rules Of The Server

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Rules Of The Server

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:12 am

-Do not RDM
-Do not NLR (5 minutes)
-Do not hack/cheat
-Do not mic spam
-Do not prop block(Base should have at least one entrance)
-Only use one keypad per fade on each side
-Do not make your base un-raidable(meaning do not shoot through one way props. Fences can not be materialized)
-Do not disrespect/disobey staff
-Do not argue with staff
-You do not have to call raid in order to raid a base.
-You can only raid while you are a Thief,or involved with a gang.
-Do not abuse your job
-Do not CDM
-Do not build in street unless it is roleplay


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